The Lightening

A Project for Wave Hill's Aquatic Garden

At the center of the Aquatic Garden at Wave Hill is a reflecting pool. The pool, in April a slick black plane, uninterrupted by the plants that will soon cover it by midsummer, is at the core of The Lightening. Organized around it and reflecting into it are three wood and acrylic sculptures that function as viewing devices for a group of animations. Each structure hosts one or more animations that are drawn from the exuberant explosion of life that is about to begin.


The project was commissioned by Wave Hill in celebration of their 50th anniversary in April/May 2015.  The Lightening was accompanied by an exhibition in their Glyndor Gallery entitled Chris Doyle: Landscape Fictions.


 Installation view. Photo: Emon Hassan for The New York Times






The Lightening, Installation at Wave Hill, 2015. Photos by Stefan Hagen.