The Fluid

Animation, Watercolors, & Multiples



The Fluid is the fourth piece in a planned series of five animations based on Course of Empire, by Hudson River painter Thomas Cole. The project begins with the increasing anxiety we feel in our relationship to water. The heart of the project is a three-channel animation that when projected is an immersive experience. Like the three earlier animations in the series, The Fluid continues to explore the way we view the landscape through a culturally constructed frame. With its stylized depictions of landscape, the piece weaves together references not only to Hudson River painting but to Japanese Edo painting from the same historical moment as well as to 20th century abstraction. 

In addition to the projected installation, the project also includes a series of watercolors based on frozen waterfalls and wallpaper derived from the watercolors.
The Fluid, Installation View , Catharine Clark Gallery.

Falls I, 45x45", Watercolor on Paper, 2014

Falls II, 45x45", Watercolor on Paper, 2014

Falls III, 45x45", Watercolor on Paper, 2014

Falls IV, 45x45", Watercolor on Paper, 2014

Hudson River Series #1-6, 2014, Melted ice and pigment on paper, 14 x 14"