Idyllwild is the third piece in a planned series of five animations based on Course of Empire, by Hudson River painter Thomas Cole. It takes as a point of departure, Cole’s first painting in the series, The Savage State, but focuses exclusively on the turbulent sky. The 2-channel animation consists of a pair of projections, one on the wall and the second on the floor. The projections are generative, ever changing and reorganizing themselves and their relationship to each other.

In addition to the projection installation, the body of work derived from The Savage State includes watercolors, light boxes and animations on custom screens.


The Larger Illusion, 2012, Watercolor on paper Triptych, 46" x 216". 


Installation View, Idyllwild, 2012.

Zebra, Watercolor, 46" x 68", 2012.


Masque, Watercolor, 46" x 68", 2012.

(LEFT) Mycelium Magnetics, (RIGHT) Refracture, both Watercolor, 46" x 68", 2012.


Three WitchesWatercolor, 46" x 68", 2012.