Hollow and Swell

Hollow and Swell is an exhibition at Catharine Clark Gallery, September-November, 2017. The exhibition includes animated sculptures, watercolors and a projection.



Swell, 2017, 4k digital animation, 10:13

Score by Jeremy Turner

Sound Design by Owen O'Neill

Animation Assistance: Penn Eastburn


Swell is the final animation in a series inspired by Hudson River painter Thomas Cole’s Course of Empire cycle. A meditation on Consummation of Empire, the central painting in the series, Swell depicts a city growing and expanding to unprecedented heights as industrialization gives way to a digital future.

At the heart of Swell is the labor that forms the foundation of the expanding empire. Swell draws parallels between artist and laborer, but reminds us that the artist is never outside of this cycle of expansion, and in fact, plays a key role in it. 


Still from Swell, 2017, digital animation, 10:19. Still from Swell, 2017, digital animation, 10:19. 

Still from Swell, 2017, digital animation, 10:19.

Storyboard from Swell


The Price of Gold (with Nicholas Rubin), 2015-17, 3 channel digital animationanimation, 65" monitors, wood frames, hinges, players. 5:00.

 Valley, 2017, Wood, stone, animation, Ipad, cable.17"x17"x17".

Pool, 2017, Stone, animation, Ipad, cable.14"x14"x14". Park, 2017, Stone, animation, Ipad, cable.12"x12"x12".Circular Lament, 2017, Wood, animation,Ipad, cable.


Hermitage I, 2017, Watercolor on paper, 68"x46"Automaton, 2017, Watercolor on paper, 25.5" x 25.5"